Fishing Tournament Rules & Information

Below you will find basic rules & information pertaining to the event.  For additional information, please visit our fishing tournament page here

AYFA members will be required to comply with the rules of their organization. Arkansas Youth Fishing Assoc Tournament rules


Any contestant who displays poor sportsmanship, violates these rules, or violates any local, state or federal law is subject to disqualification. Arkansas Game & Fish Commission rules must be observed at all times. Life Jackets must be on while outboard is running. Complaints or Protests must be submitted to the Weight Master at the weigh-in site. All decisions rendered by the Weigh Master are final.


Eligibility is open to the public. Anyone can participate in this tournament unless either person has served as a Guide on Greers Ferry Lake within the last 12 months or anyone who has more than 50% of their annual income received by professional bass fishing. All entries will be screened.  The committee reserves the right to refuse any entry application.

For the AYFA Scholarship Tournament, only AYFA members are eligible and must comply with the rules and regulations provided by the AYFA.

The 6th Man Option

This option allows each team to purchase a 6th fish to be weighed. The 6th man will cost an additional $20 per boat and can be purchased through registration or at tournament check-in. AYFA Members are not eligible.


Registration forms must be received no later than the date listed on the annual tournament brochure. Entry fee is $100.00 per boat ($75.00 for AYFA Members).  Any entry form received after that date must include a late fee of $50 per boat in order to be registered.


No nets will be allowed.  Commercial fishermen are not eligible to fish.  Fish must be caught on artificial lures. Fish must be alive upon weigh-in.  All fish must be weighed in the day they are caught-at the official weigh-in time. {NO EXCEPTIONS}

Fish & Scoring

Largemouth, Spotted, Smallmouth and Kentucky bass only. No stripers. Largemouth bass must be 15” in length; Smallmouth, Spotted, and Kentucky must be 12” in length. Identification of Spotted bass determine by: upper jaw does not extend past the eye and/or tooth patch. Limit 5 bass per boat (or 6 if the 6th Man Option is purchased) All fish measured by the Golden Rule Board. Must be present to receive tournament payout (after weigh-in on Saturday)

Fishing Hours

Fishing hours will begin at 6 am.

Weigh In Times:

AYFA JR High school 2:00 p.m.

AYFA High school 3:00 p.m.

Adults 4:00 p.m.


Our Sponsors

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to thank each and every one of our sponsors who helped make the FSSF Fishing Tournament a wonderful success.

We thank you not just for your support of the tournament, but also your support towards the bright future of the  students at UACCM and members of the AYFA.